Sustainable Textiles


The textile and garment industry is one of the pioneers within the global sustainability movement. Being a sector, which significantly contributes towards the economic and social development in many countries, increasing attention has been focussed on the poor working conditions and compliance with social and labour standards in the sector, especially in South and South-East Asia. Against this background the EMM Network has taken intiative in form of the “Social and Labour Standards in the Textile and Garment Sector in Asia (SLSG)” project, working in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar and Pakistan and in cooperation with China. The project has been supporting the efforts of private and public actors, both within and across factories on a national and regional level to improve social and labour standards in the sector throughout Asia. These efforts mark a considerable step towards a sustainable global garment and textile industry.

In cooperation with factory managers and workers, the project tries to increase the recognition and implementation of sustainability standards in factories, thereby working towards a better understanding of legal rights and obligations of both parties. Furthermore, the project supports state institutions in the implementation of measures promoting sustainability standards, such as improving the inspection system or legislative amendments. To tackle the challenges confronting the industry through the ongoing process of globalization, SLSG has initiated a network of stakeholders from Asian garment producing countries and facilitates their exchange with international brands. Thus SLSG actively participates in the development of the sector by promoting  knowledge sharing and cooperation and leading the Asian garment and textile industry towards a more sustaianble future.



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