Sustainable Infrastructure

The Challenge

To ensure sustainable green growth, there must be infrastructure. Enhancing resilient and sustainable infrastructure is one of the great challenges of today: Global requirement for new infrastructure assets is estimated to soar to approximately US$90 trillion until 2030. With about two thirds, emerging markets account for the lion’s share of this surge in infrastructure.

Lately, more and more businesses, knowing that large scale road, bridge and tunnel constructions can place a severe strain on the environment, have decided to take sustainability issues into consideration. This is not solely done out of good will but also because there is increasing evidence, that acting sustainably can have significant positive effects on both enterprises and the environment.

For example, the risk associated with long term planning, can be reduced significantly by considering social and environmental aspects when making decisions. This discovery is particularly important, when considering the fact that large infrastructure projects can go on for as long as 100 years. Another example, are political risks associated with new regulation and standard setting, which can be somewhat foreseen and avoided by developing a sustainable business approach. Again, many companies within the infrastructure sector have realized this and are pioneering profitable, risk minimizing and sustainable business models.

Our Approach

The EMM Network for Sustainability supports its members in successfully integrating sustainability into the core business of infrastructure operations. To this end, the EMM Network identifies and publishes successful business cases. The Network also compiles the insights from such cases in the form of guidelines to extend best practices to other companies. To this end, the EMM Network also provides further opportunities for the evaluation of successful cases and the operationalization of individual experiences in terms of guidelines. Moreover, the EMM Network offers a platform to foster exchange from relevant stakeholders on this matter.

The EMM Network’s core work and expertise with regard to the infrastructure sector includes but is not limited to:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Business Model Development (including in combination with the SROI methodology)
  • Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines Development
  • Facilitation of Dialogue between relevant actors for responsible business conduct in the infrastructure sector and joint contributions to international fora


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