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The EMM Network brings together a select and growing group of representatives of multinational companies from around the world to explore challenges and opportunities, share best practices, and develop cutting-edge approaches to sustainable business models in emerging markets. With its unique combination of peer-to-peer learning platforms and collaboration, the EMM Network offers a range of customized events at the national, regional and global levels. All EMM members are encouraged to suggest themes and issues to be discussed at EMM Network events to ensure direct applicability and relevance. Event formats of the EMM Network include workshops, conferences and CSR retreats.

Workshops aim to jointly develop innovative and concrete solutions for sustainability challenges facing the participants’ companies. The small-group setting enables participants to effectively work together on case studies, have interactive group discussions and receive expert-advice. When actionable solutions are developed, the participants may desire to implement these solutions in direct collaboration with the EMM Network Secretariat and its partners, or to continue the dialogue with its peers in this regard. Workshops are national-level events of 30 to 50 participants, typically lasting a half-day to two-days.
Conferences address broader business-related sustainability topics featuring high-level and expert speakers, roundtable and group discussions, plenary lectures and design thinking labs. The conferences are typically organized in close collaboration with established partners of the EMM Network, e.g. national associations, international organisations and NGOs. The Conferences are national- or regional-level events of 30 to 50 participants, lasting one to three days.
CSR Retreats
CSR Retreats focus on peer-to-peer learning among the EMM Network’s CSR Managers. The retreats aim at directly improving managers’ ability to effectively implement sustainability initiatives in their companies. The focus in this case is mostly on green business models, and participants learn from each other’s best practices during plenary sessions and interactive group discussions. These three to four day long events take place bi-annually at the regional level – usually in Asia and Latin America – as well as periodically at the global level.


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