Roundtable on Sustainable Production in the Textile and Garments Sector in Yangon, Myanmar

Sharing good practices – leading the way towards sustainability

The EMSD regularly partners with the programme “Social and Labor Standards in the Textiles and Garment Sector in Asia (SLSG)” in organizing round tables on sustainable textile production in Asian textile producing countries. These round tables help to create knowledge on how to comply with sustainability standards and inspire decision makers in the sector to develop and implement more proactive and innovative approaches for sustainability in the sector. The most recent roundtable took place in Yangon, Myanmar on 23 May. Myanmar. More than 70 participants shared good practices at the factory level in Myanmar on occupational health and safety (OHS), building and fire safety, supporting/promoting female workers, environmental protection and social dialogue between management and workers from the SLSG pilot countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Myanmar and Pakistan. As part of the EMSD, the EMM Network for Sustainability ensures that through peer learning among its members, these innovations are replicated sector-wide and across multiple sectors.

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