Mexico City

Grupo Ercus and EMM Network sign cooperation agreement | 2015

The EMM Network has partnered with Grupo Ercus to develop guidelines for Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA) in Mexico, and thereafter implement these guidelines in a pilot project. On the 11 February 2015 at a signing ceremony at the GIZ Office in Mexico City, Mr. Alejandro España, the president of Grupo Ercus, Mr. Michael Pollmann of the GIZ PGAUI (Urban-industrial environmental management programme) in Mexico and Dr. Luiz Ramalho on behalf of the EMM Network, formally committed to the joint project, envisioned to be completed in August 2016 with a first stage to be developed from February to August 2015.

Grupo Ercus is a diversified set of companies active in candy production, event management, printing solutions, and agricultural oil extraction. The company wants to relocate its production plant outside the metropolitan area of Mexico City. The Group is therefore seeking a new site, to be shared with other businesses so as to reduce its environmental footprint. The partners will jointly develop a Guideline of sustainability criteria to identify the most suitable location of Sustainable Industrial Areas (SIA), and document the implementation process of these guidelines in a study case. Finally, the EMM Network will develop policy recommendations that will be integrated into the process started with the National Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Mexico in the definition of sustainability criteria for SIA, as well as potentially international processes. It is also intended that the guidelines can be adapted and replicated in other emerging markets as part of the EMM Network.


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