Sustainable Infrastructure in Mexico

Sustainable Infrastructure in Mexico

Sustainable Infrastructure has become one of the key topics in the Agenda 2030. At the international level it has been recognized that pursuing a sustainable world, resilient cities, and in general an inclusive and green growth depends on how infrastructure is planned. For the emerging economies this has become the potential agenda to impulse in a decisive manner the development and economic growth agenda in an inclusive and sustainable way.

In the case of Mexico, investing in infrastructure has been proclaimed a strategic issue and national priority (National Programme of Infrastructure 2014-2018). The Mexican government has identified infrastructure as being one of the key pillars to contribute towards the country’s social, environmental and economic transformation.

In order to catch up with leading sustainability standards, the infrastructure sector poses an opportunity to pioneer innovative developments and standards for complementary sectors. Moreover, it is to be expected, that there will be a considerable spill-over effect from the infrastructure sector to other areas downstream such as transportation, energy, commerce, health, housing and urban development.

To support the transformation to more sustainable infrastructure in Mexico, the EMM Network has brought relevant stakeholders to the table and supported the development of innovative standards and their implementation to ensure maximum impact in terms of sustainability.

The EMM Network supported the development of sustainable business models in the infrastructure sector. This served as a point of departure to develop Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines for Mexico. The Guidelines, which include a step by step guide for companies to move towards more sustainability within the infrastructure sector, concisely summarize the most effective lessons learned in the Mexican context, making it easy for companies to capture the returns that accompany corporate sustainability innovations

The EMM Network ensures, that the insights from the platform work are communicated back to relevant actors such as the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry. This helps to ensure that the policy environment is conductive to private sector sustainability actions.

Moreover, the EMM Network and its partners have used the opportunity to compile a study of sustainable business cases from its private sector partners’ current engagement in Mexico. This compilation served as a point of departure to develop Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines for Mexico.

For the future, the EMM Network will continue its’ efforts to be an ambassador for sustainability in infrastructure. More concretely, the Network plans to do so by firstly replicating the Guidelines in other emerging economies so as to scale up their impact internationally. Secondly, the Network will continue to carry the lessons learned into relevant political for and share its’ experience with its sister organizations the Economic Policy Forum (EPF) and the Emerging Market Dialogues on Finance (EMDF) to create a conductive environment for sustainable infrastructure development worldwide.

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