Sustainable Infrastructure in China

Sustainable infrastructure in China

China and the Infrastructure Sector

Being interconnected with many major economic sectors such as energy, transportation and digital connectivity, the infrastructure sector plays a major role in shaping our future. Within an increasingly complex world with ever more companies competing globally, many have come to realize the importance of establishing long-term planning environments and carefully protecting their reputation.

An example of this are Chinese companies, who have emerged as the most active and important players in the global arena, operating especially in developing countries. To combine, display and enhance these efforts a benchmark of sustainability and social responsibility in the industry was needed.

Recognizing this need, the EMM Network for Sustainability together with its’ partner the Chinese International Contractors Association (CHINCA), gathered the experiences of Chinese pioneers in sustainable infrastructure development and began to establish linkages with international standard setters. Together, these activities laid the foundation for developing the Guidelines of Sustainable Infrastructure for Chinese international Contractors. CHINCA, who present 1500 Chinese international contractor companies of which 800 are involved in infrastructure projects, presented the perfect match for this project. The guidelines help companies to integrate sustainability concerns into five major phases of their infrastructure projects, namely funding, planning & design, building, operation & maintenance and project closure. Thus, they ensure that companies are provided with a holistic pool of shared best practices and key sustainability insights.

Since launching the Guidelines at the 8th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum in Macau, the EMM Network has been continuing to support CHINCA in establishing the necessary structure for the implementation of its guidelines. Services provided by the EMM Network and its partners including monitoring and evaluation capacities, networking, peer-learning formats, reporting, etc.

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