Project Implementation in Mexico


The purpose of the SROI initiative is to contribute in the quality and advance in the practical mechanisms for sustainability. There is a necessity to incorporate sustainability in to decision-making processes of the companies and other stakeholders of development cooperation.

The project aims to achieve the following objectives:
1) Identify different sustainability frameworks and methodologies to measure financial return on investment in sustainability;
2) Engage with companies to create an appropriate methodology to measure the financial return on investment in sustainability aspects;
3) Pilot case studies that will highlight the important connection between sustainable activities and the business case;
4) Support the participating companies in the implementation of the methodology by developing specific recommendations and guidelines and encouraging the practical learning and exchange of experiences among the participating companies;
5) Enhance the implementation and awareness raising of the methodology, recommendations and case studies, in collaboration with GIZ, by developing a dissemination strategy and hosting a launch event for all interested stakeholders, including representatives from national and international companies in Mexico.

A major milestone of the initiative was the launch of the SROI report in October 2017 in cooperation with ethos. The report can be viewed either here or downloaded below (only Spanish version available).

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