Project Implementation in Brazil


In a first company workshop the methodology and motivation of the project was presented to deputies of EMM member companies. Eventually, a total of seven EMM member companies (with twelve sustainability projects) has been identified for the pilot implementation of the  in Brazil, and served as concrete case studies (environmental and social) for the subsequent adaption of Sustainable ROI  techniques. A large scope of sustainability areas has been covered by the project initiatives of company participants, such as life cycle and reverse logistics, eco-efficiency, community capacity building, stakeholder engagement, suppliers development etc.

A summary of the findings in Brazil has been prepared by the local partner think tank GVces. Many company participants of this pilot implementation reported an ongoing application of Sustainable ROI calculations in their internal cost-benefit analysis. Besides, the project strengthened the awareness of sustainability issues as integral part of business operations and financial performance. Company participants felt better prepared for upcoming sustainability standards and regulations.

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