• Third Roundtable on Social and Labour Standards in the Textile and Garment Sector in Asia

    Recent trends in sustainable production of Asia’s textile and garment sector and China’s important role in the region were the main topics at the third roundtable on social and labour standards in the…

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  • Business, community and development in Latin America

    Multinationals share perspectives and challenges on building a more sustainable economy.

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  • Social Responsibility in Chinese Outbound Mining Ventures

    The EMM Network partnered with the Chinese mining industry to establish CSR guidelines for their investments abroad.

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  • Integrating Latin American Metal Collectors into the Steel Value Chain

    Gerdau, a leading steel producer and EMM from Brazil, helped to professionalize and empower thousands of informal scrap metal collectors .

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  • Interview with Margareth FLÓREZ, Executive Director of RedEAmérica

    Margareth FLÓREZ, is the Executive Director of RedEAmérica which is an EMM Network member company. This interview was conducted by the EMM Network on her insights of RedEAmérica's work and cooperation within the…

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What our Members say
  • Working within the EMM Network has allowed us to systematize a pilot project on inclusive recycling and responsible value chain management through the development of practical guidelines. I believe that the main advantage of membership in the EMM Network is technical support and peer learning among participants to pursue sustainability as integral part of business operations.
    Sofia Diaz Rivera
    Director, Bonafont, Mexico
  • For Grupo Ercus being a part of the EMM Network has been invaluable regarding the support and the linkages obtained through this membership.
    Alejandro España
    President, Grupo Ercus, Mexico
  • RedEAmerica and the EMM Network are united by the purpose of contribute to the quality improvement and expansion of the business actions in the promotion of sustainable societies in Latin America. Together we can do more and with more impact.
    Margareth Flórez
    Executive Director, RedEAmérica, Mexico
  • I am very excited to become a member of the EMM Network, a platform for sustainability and CSR practitioners to share best practices and discuss solutions to real problems we face at work. I’m looking for more active interactions between the members. I can’t wait to raise one issue I face at the moment, that is how to evaluate the impact of the community development projects.
    Gao Baoyu
    Senior Sustainability Manager, RGE China, China
  • The EMM Network is an amazing platform to advocate the ideas and best practices of sustainability all over the world. As for me, it is an international counterparts' community to share expertise and experience in sustainable development in the developed markets, and the emerging markets
    Xu Yong
    Business Manager, Enterprise Culture Division, AVIC International Beijing Co., Ltd., China
  • For ICA being a member of the EMM Network has helped us to strengthen linkages and alliances with organisations. This allows us to intensify our activities related to research, development and innovation, in order to solve the great challenges of the infrastructure sector whilst generating shared value and promoting the dissemination of best practices.
    Juan Jose Kochen
    Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator, Fundación ICA, Mexico
  • I am very pleased to be a member of the EMM Network and looking forward to the launch of the EMM Network on Sustainability in China, which I believe is an innovative practice in the field of international sustainability development. Let us joint our efforts to contribute to the development of an inclusive, harmonious and green “Global Village”.
    Sun Lihui
    Director of the External Communication Department, China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters, China
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